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Optimus Copy trader will be the first service we launch in Q4 2023.

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Save time and effort while trading with our automated trading solutions.

Trading the markets can be a fulltime job…

As disciplined spot and futures traders we develop semi-automatic, automatic and copy trading systems based on our own strategies , experience and strict risk management.


TradeBits in-house Copy Trading system. Connect Optimus to your exchange and the trade orders of the Optimus operators automatically copy to your account.


The hard labour of drawing and finding levels and trends on charts fully automated in an easy-to-use indicator directly integrated in your chart. Magnus does the charting for you.


Every new client receives a live online support call for setting up the trading solutions, to be sure every product we provide works as planned.


To Be Announced

Stephan & Jens,
Experienced Cryptocurrency traders and teachers.

"Our mission is to maximize clients profits and minimize their time spent on trade preparation. Time is valuable, so clients leave the trading to us and focus on what matters most without losing control over their accounts."

Stephan De Haes


Stephan is the founder of Satoshi consultancy, the cryptocurrency academy focused on education and in-depth personal guidance on investing, researching and trading crypto and non-fungible tokens. He is also a full-time day and swing trader in the crypto market. After years of experience with teaching and trading he now founded TradeBit, focused on automatisation and providing tools for traders.

Jens Coomans

Trading manager

Jens is trading manager and coach ‘futures trading’ at Satoshi Consultancy. He has followed several training courses in trading, which has given him the skills to form his own strategy through experience and accumulated knowledge. He specialized himself in leverage trading due to the many additional opportunities in this style, provided the right knowledge, techniques and strategy. He also studies risk management so that protection of the portfolio is paramount.

Kristof & Danny,
Experienced Developer and Automatisation expert.

"Our mission is to develop in-house trading solutions while integrating fail safes into the systems to optimize the good operation of it. On top of this we provide personalized support to all of our clients"

Kristof Leroux

Lead Developer

Kristof is lead developer at TradeBit and Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence with almost 20 years of experience in the IT industry as a developer. He specialized in developing mobile apps for iOS and Android, C, C++, C#, .NET, Ionic, TypeScript, Ruby on Rails and Python. His expertise also includes data, machine learning and blockchain development with Solidity on Ethereum and Tezos.

Danny Van Keer

Support Manager

Danny is a freelance teacher at Syntra Bizz and has his own company that focuses on small to medium-sized Automation (PLC & HMI) of Residential & Industrial electricity. As a crypto investor and former student of Satoshi consultancy, he is now in charge of the support services of TradeBit solutions. Danny guides you through all the set-ups and possible issues that may arise on the road to effortless trading.


You profit, We profit

The entry price for the Optimus Copy Trader costs 75€ ex. VAT once. In return you will receive an hour of live support to arrange the connection of your account to Optimus and receive a short course on how to best handle taking profits.

Afterwards you will receive an invoice every month, where we calculate the percentage of profit you have made on your account. TradeBit takes a commission between 15% & 25% on these profits depending on whether or not you received a promotion.

Other than this there are no hidden costs.

Fair prices

TradeBit’s mission regarding price is to implement commission-based payments on our copy trading system in such a way that our services are accessible to every customer regardless of his or her budget.

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