Copy-Trading system.


No hidden costs…

After the initial Set-up we will invoice you commissions on a monthly basis.

The minimum initial value of the account that is connected with Optimus should be 250$.

The invoices can be addressed to a company if desired and can be paid straight from your crypto exchange account in stablecoins.

1 Hour Set-up + Strategy


Our support manager guides you through all the set-ups and possible issues that may arise on the road to effortless trading.


You profit, we profit.
Every last Sunday of the month we calculate the profits of your Optimus-connected account and invoice you 25% commission on these profits. Commission may be lower due to promotions.

Copy trading,
What does it mean?

Copy Trading is a method of following traders, through an API connection, who have more experience and a larger success rate with their trading strategy than you. As a trading system, Copy Trading replicates signals and orders on your own account from Traders, in real-time. This process is automatic and coded by TradeBit developers for Optimus.

How does it work?

Optimus Copytrading - because your time is valuable. Do you want to take advantage of the growing world of cryptocurrency trading, but don't have the time, discipline or knowledge to do it yourself? Let Optimus and the Optimus Operators do the work for you.

Our service is designed to maximize your profit and minimize your risk by using strategies that have been rigorously tested and optimized. With a focus on consistency and capital protection, you can rest assured that your trading is in good hands. And best of all? You don't have to spend time following the markets or executing trades - Optimus does it all for you. Make your life easier and trade smarter. Try it today and discover how you can benefit from the world of cryptocurrency trading without the stress and effort involved.

Our in-house coded copy trade software implements strict risk management rules for every Optimus operator. The Optimus operators are freelance traders that are vetted by Satoshi consultancy to be sure that they have a proven track record and consistently make profits on a monthly basis. On top of that we have implemented strict features in the Operator trading interface to be sure that all the risk-related strategies and rules are followed. Operators can not enter trades without making use of Stop/loss orders and also have limited leverage possibilities.

Optimus rather makes 05% consistently every month, than making 60% profit one month and losing 80% the next one... Consistency is its main goal.

Satoshi Consultancy Ltd.